LOCTITE Pipe Repair Kit is recommended for reliable, temporary repairs of metal, plastic and composite pipes. It includes a urethane impregnated fiberglass tape, designed to make on-site pipe repairs in just minutes without the use of tools or specially trained personnel. The urethane impregnated fiberglass tape is activated by water and applied by simply wrapping it around the damaged area. Material cures in approximately 30 minutes to a durable finish. Also included in the LOCTITE Pipe Repair Kit is a one-use size of Loctite  EA 3463 for filling holes and cracks prior to the application of the fiberglass tape. Used in combination, the fiberglass tape and epoxy stick provide a reliable and fast pipe repair system. Typical applications include sealing cracked castings, tanks, vessels, valves and pipes. It also repairs pipe joints and reinforces tanks, vessels, valves, joints and elbows. LOCTITE Pipe Repair Kit should not be used on a pipeline that is carrying caustic, hazardous or otherwise harmful materials. This product is typically used in applications with an operating range of -29 °C to +121 °C.

● Minimizes lost production time due to unscheduled shutdown
● Conforms to odd shapes
● Great pressure retention
● Pipes are back in service within an hour
● Does not require special training or personnel
● Superior adhesion – forms a solid bond to steel, cast iron, stainless steel, concrete, and clean and abraded bronze, copper and aluminum
● Stops leaks reinforces pipe couplings
● Adheres and cures under water
● Can be sanded and painted as required

Item number 96321
Working Time 3~4 min
Cure Time 30 min
Maximum Pressure (N/mm2) 18.6
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) 41.4
Shore Hardness D84

LOCTITE Pipe Repair Kit Technical Data Sheet

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