In the industrial application to provide complete solutions, instead of traditional industrial assembly, in the industrial production process to provide efficient, stable and reliable follow-up technology, in the industrial industry can be seen in all aspects of food and clothing, like a stealth champion, filled with your life, play an important and indispensable role.

Applied to automation equipment, production line machines, mechanical assembly fixed… and so on.



In mobile phones and many other portable equipment or 3C home appliances, from the outer case then glued with glue and mobile phone lens, to the internal SMT assembly online demand for conductive glue or thermal glue, in different processes, can provide different needs of the glue, Whether you want to downfell or CMOS combined with demand or conformal coating, you can do what you expect.

For print tvs, DVD players, personal computers, mobile phones, and many other portable devices… and so on.


Automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace and other related transportation industries, the use of highly efficient propellants and sealants, design and manufacture ultra-light products, to achieve both high-speed and low energy consumption. The agent then provides safety, comfort and value, such as enabling hard foaming structure components to absorb energy in impact for safety, innovative soundproofing materials that improve vehicle comfort, and optimize corrosion and paint adhesion to increase the value of the automotive sheet metal special treatment system.

Used in lights, instrument panels, engines, motors, body assembly, locomotive components, electric vehicles, turbines… and so on.


MRO (Maintenance)

MRO is the acronym for Maintenance Maintenance, Repair Repair, and Operation Run. Usually refers to the actual production process does not directly constitute a product, only for maintenance, maintenance, operation of equipment materials and services, in order to improve efficiency, increase reliability, enhance safety, and reduce downtime and spare parts inventory, reduce energy costs and extend the life of equipment.

Widely used in plant maintenance (flooring, pipes, fixed locks attached), floor and mud repair, rubber and belt repair, anti-slip friction, metal repair… and so on.

MRO (Maintenance)


Provide real-time, structural and photocuring reusants and flexible reagents and sealants for the medical machinery industry. Whether your medical machinery and equipment requires a biocompatible microbicide or a special reagent that meets a range of other properties, you can meet your application needs.

Used in disposable medical machinery, feminine hygiene products, skin-friendly baby diapers or gaskets, medical tape, medical electronic equipment… and so on.