LOCTITE PC 7218 is a 2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, trowelable, epoxy-based surface coating designed to protect parts from coarse particle abrasion or erosion on metals (with or without chemical attack). It is designed for parts such as cyclones/separator bodies, dust collectors/exhausters, pump liners/impellers, fan blades and housings, chutes/hoppers and elbows/transition points.

  • Protects metals from course particle abrasion
  • Suitable for chemical attack applications
  • Applied by trowel
  • Renews worn surfaces fast

Item number PC 7218
Color Grey
Usage Temperature (℃) 121℃
Mix Ratio, by volume
(Resin : Hardener)
Pot life, @25℃
30 min
Curing time, @25℃
7 hrs

LOCTITE PC 7218 Technical Data Sheet

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