LOCTITE PC 9410 Magna-Crete


2-part, rapid setting, concrete repair and grouting system.

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LOCTITE PC 9410 is a grey, 2-part, rapid setting, liquid magnesium phosphate-based concrete repair and grouting system that outperforms conventional concrete repairs. This product is typically used wherever concrete is used in the construction and roads industries. LOCTITE PC 9410 is typically used in applications with an operating range of -58°F to 2012°F (-50°C to 1100°C).

  • This repair system can be applied at virtually any temperature without shrinkage
  • Is freeze/thaw and de-icing salt resistant
  • Bonds to new and old concrete as well as most construction materials including wood and steel
  • Its operating range is -58 °F to +2,012 °F ( -50 °C to +1,100 °C)

Item number PC 9410
Color Grey
Usage Temperature (℃) 1090℃
Compressive Strength
90(13,000 psi)
Gel Time @ 21 °C
15 min
Full Cure 1 hrs

LOCTITE PC 9410 Technical Data Sheet

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