LOCTITE LB 8012 Metal-free Low Friction Lubricant


Black, metal-free, static load resistant anti-seize lubricant in a brush top form with MoS₂ and rust inhibitors. NLGI grade of 1.

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LOCTITE LB 8012 is a black, metal-free anti-seize lubricant with MoS₂ and rust inhibitors in a brush top form. Formulated to protect assemblies during running-in periods, it resists high static loads and the MoS₂ paste ensures maximum lubricity. It has an NLGI grade of 1 and is resistant to temperatures up to +400°C.

  • Metal-free
  • Protects assemblies during running-in period
  • Resists high static loads
  • MoS₂ paste insures maximum lubricity
  • NLGI Grade 1
  • Temperature resistant to +400°C.

Item number LB 8012
Color Black
Chemical Type
Temperature range (℃) -29℃ to 400℃
Contains metal No
Agency Approvals

LOCTITE LB 8012 Technical Data Sheet

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