LOCTITE SI 5056 a light yellow, transparent, (UV) visible light-cure alkoxy silicone liquid adhesive . It is a low viscosity high performance silicone adhesive that upon exposure to light, cures into a tough transparent silicone rubber. It is suitable for the assembly of disposable medical devices, having Henkel’s ISO 10993 Protocol.

  • Qualified to Henkel’s ISO 10993 Protocol for use in disposable medical devices
  • Low viscosity
  • Cures into a tough, transparent silicone rubber
  • High performance

Item number SI 5056
Color Clear
Wavelength UV / VIS
Specific Gravity 0.98
mPa.s (cP)
1400 ~ 3000
Fixture Time ≦30 min.

LOCTITE SI 5056 Technical Data Sheet

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