LOCTITE DRI 201 ECO is a high-strength, pre-applied threadlocker. This dry-to-the touch adhesive remains an inert coating until assembly. During assembly, microcapsulates release an active ingreident which initiates the curing process. The coating fills all voids to securely lock and seal the assembly.
  • Suitable for situations where threaded parts are required to be ready for immediate use in an adhesive joint, and a high volume production environment where it may not be possible to use a liquid product.

Item number 201
Packing Specification 20.0 lb Kit
Feature High strength
Color yellow
Torque Break/
Torque Prevail(in.Lbs)
245 / 130
Temp. Range (℃) -40℃~200℃
Cure Speed vs. steel@25℃
(Fixture / Full Cure)
10 min. /24 hrs.
Lubricity Low

LOCTITE 201 Technical Data Sheet

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