LOCTITE 243 is a general purpose threadlocker that provides a medium strength bond. LOCTITE 243 works on all metals, including passive substrates such as stainless steel, aluminum and plated surfaces. It is proven to be tolerant of minor contamination due to industrial oils, e.g., motor oils, corrosion prevention oils and cutting fluid.

  • Prevents loosening on vibrating assemblies, e.g. pumps, gear boxes or presses
  • Works on all metals, including passive substrates (e.g. stainless steel, aluminum, plated surfaces)
  • Proven to tolerate minor contamination by industrial oils, e.g. motor oils, corrosion prevention oils and cutting fluids
  • Permits disassembly with hand tools for servicing

Item number 243
Thread Size
M6 ~ M20
Color Blue
mPa.s (cP)
1,300 ~ 3,000
Torque Break
26 / 230
Torque Prevail
5 / 40
Temp. Range (℃) -55℃ ~ 182℃
Cure Speed
(Fixture / Full Cure)
5 min. /24 hrs.
Oil Tolerant Good
Primers N or T
Specific Gravity  1.08
Agency Approvals NSF P1 Reg No: 123000

  1. With Loctite Primers, it can fill larger gaps.
  2. The screws fixed by the high-strength screw fixing agent can be removed by heating or by using a large torque.
  3. Before use, clean the next part with a rag or steel brush; if there is oil stain, be sure to remove the oil stain first.
  4. If it is a blind hole, it is more appropriate to apply glue to the hole.
  5. If the joint length is long, glue should be applied to the screw and the hole.

LOCTITE 243 Technical Data Sheet

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