LOCTITE EA E-90FL is a gray, opaque, 2-part, toughened, medium viscosity, industrial grade solid epoxy adhesive. After curing at room temperature, it forms a flexible, gray bondline with excellent resistance to shock and impact, a wide range of chemicals and solvents and acts as an excellent electrical insulator. Suited for low-stress, high-impact bonding applications of dissimilar materials.

  • Extended working life allows more time to adjust parts during assembly
  • Typical applications include bonding plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, rubber, and masonry materials where flexibility is required
  • Can also be used for repairing strain gauges, sealing seams on fiberglass components, repairing printed circuit boards, bonding stainless steel inserts, and rubber hose to steel tubing

Item number EA E-90FL
Color Gray
Viscosity (Resin / Hardener)
(mPa.s / cP)
71,500 / 19,000
Fixture Time
90 min.
(Resin / Hardener)
Peel Strength 5 ~ 40
Tensile Shear, Strength
Steel / AI (psi)
810 / 3130
Hardness, Shore D D60

LOCTITE E-90FL Technical Data Sheet

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