LOCTITE 2760 is a red, homogenous, high strength, thixotropic, dimethacrylate ester acrylic liquid threadlocker which is particularly fast curing thereby reducing or eliminating the need for activators. Particularly suited for heavy duty applications such as bolts used in transmissions, construction equipment or railroad assemblies. Its thixotropic nature reduces migration of the liquid product.
  • High strength
  • Particularly fast curing
  • No activators required
  • Thixotropic

Item number 2760
Thread Size
Color Red
mPa.s (cP)
1,250 ~ 4,250
Torque Break
11.3 / 100
Torque Prevail
14.1 / 125
Temp. Range (℃) -55℃ ~ 150℃
Cure Speed
(Fixture / Full Cure)
4 min. /24 hrs.
Agency Approvals CFIA

  1. With Loctite Primers, it can fill larger gaps.
  2. The screws fixed by the high-strength screw fixing agent can be removed by heating or by using a large torque.
  3. Before use, clean the next part with a rag or steel brush; if there is oil stain, be sure to remove the oil stain first.
  4. If it is a blind hole, it is more appropriate to apply glue to the hole.
  5. If the joint length is long, glue should be applied to the screw and the hole.

LOCTITE 2760 Technical Data Sheet

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