LOCTITE EA E-20NS is a non-sagging industrial grade epoxy adhesive. Once mixed, the two component epoxy cures at room temperature to form an off white, tough bondline, which provides high peel resistance and high shear strengths. When fully cured, the epoxy is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, and acts as an excellent electrical insulator. Develops strong, tough bonds on aluminum, stainless steel and other metals, as well as glass, ceramics, and plastics. Its non-sagging formula is well suited for use on vertical surfaces to avoid run-off.

Item number EA E-20NS
Color Off-white
Viscosity (Resin / Hardener)
(mPa.s / cP)
80,000 ~ 280,000 / 30,000 ~ 90,000
Fixture Time
20 min.
(Resin / Hardener)
Peel Strength 5~30
Tensile Shear, Strength
Steel / AI (psi)
2,790 / 2,500
Hardness, Shore D D84~94

LOCTITE E-20NS Technical Data Sheet

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