• The lampshade is setted up in the oven
  • The structure applicated ball screw + bilateral linear bearing, lampshade firmed be applicated
  • The lampshade can be adjusted up and down 500mm, by the rightside button, rising, downing, and stop by emergency stop botton
  • Cooling air pipe, both sides, are intake air pipes, 4-inch size pipe, in the middle is exhausting motor cooling air pipe, and 5-inch thin aluminum air pipe

UV lamp wattage
& UV lamp tube numberr
17KW*1PCS 120w/cm
Effective irradiation 1,400MM
Lampshade size Approx. 3~5mins
Shade size 1,650*160*200mm(L*W*H)
Heat dissipation Cooling inverter fan motor 1HP
Heat insulation device Coated quartz glass x 6 pieces
Controller size 700*700*1,700mm(L*W*H)
Power 220V  100A  60HZ
Machine weight 120kg

Specification and Pictures are for reference only, call our sales for details.

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