LOCTITE 480 is an instant adhesive designed for the assembly of difficult-to-bond materials which require uniform stress distribution and high tensile and/or shear strength. It is a rubber-reinforced adhesive offering increased flexibility and peel strength along with enhanced shock resistance. The product provides rapid bonding for a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics and rubbers. LOCTITE 480 exhibits good resistance in humid environments.

  • For applications where shock resistance is required or shock or peel loads are present
  • Ideal for bonding metal to metal, to rubber or magnets
  • Good resistance in humid environments

Item number 480
Color Black
Gap Fill (mm) 0.15
mPa.s (cP)
Tensile Shear,
Strength (psi)
Temp. Range (℃) -54℃~82℃
Cure Speed
(Fixture / Full Cure)
Specific Gravity 1.10
Agency Approvals NSF/ANSI 61

LOCTITE 480 Technical Data Sheet

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