LOCTITE 4210 is a black, 1-part liquid adhesive toughened with elastomers for impact and peel strength along with improved resistance to heat and humidity. It is suitable for metals, plastics and rubbers. Where cure speed is unacceptably long due to large gaps, applying activator to the surface will improve cure speed.

  • Toughened with elastomers
  • Improved resistance to heat and humidity
  • Suitable for metals, plastics and rubbers

Item number 4210
Color Black
Gap Fill (mm) 0.15
mPa.s (cP)
110 ~ 210
Tensile Shear,
Strength (psi)
3,335 ~ 3,915
Temp. Range (℃) -54℃ ~ 121℃
Cure Speed
(Fixture / Full Cure)
120sec. / 24hr
Specific Gravity 1.05

LOCTITE 4210 Technical Data Sheet

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