LOCTITE EA M-31CL is a 2-part, clear, colorless to slightly yellow, low viscosity, liquid epoxy adhesive which cures at room temperature once mixed, to form an ultra-clear adhesive bondline with excellent impact resistance and minimal shrinkage. Typical applications include bonding, small potting, staking and laminating applications. ISO 10993 approved for use in the medical industry.

  • ISO 10993 approved for use in the medical industry
  • Room temperature cure after mixing
  • Mix ratio Resin: Hardener (by weight) 100 : 46, (by volume) 2 : 1
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents and has excellent dimensional stability over a wide temperature range
  • Suitable where optical clarity and excellent structural, mechanical and electrical insulating properties are required
  • Bonds most materials including glass, optical fibres, ceramics, metals, and many rigid plastics

Item number EA M-31CL
Color Clear
Viscosity (Resin / Hardener)
(mPa.s / cP)
9,000 ~ 12,000 / 1,500 ~ 9,000
Fixture Time
30 min.
(Resin / Hardener)
Tensile Shear, Strength
Steel / AI (psi)
3,100 / 4,270
Hardness, Shore D D80 ~ 90

LOCTITE M-31CL Technical Data Sheet

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