LOCTITE EA E-60NC is a black, opaque, 2-part, flowable, industrial grade epoxy liquid potting compound with extended work life. The mixture cures at room temperature to form a rigid encapsulant. When cured it provides excellent environmental and chemical resistance and insulation. It is designed for bonding, potting and encapsulating electrical components which are sensitive to corrosion.

  • Extended work life
  • Non-corrosive to metallic components on PC Boards and electronic assemblies
  • Provides excellent environmental and chemical resistance and insulation
  • Used in electronic applications, for component attachment to boards, housing assembly and potting

Item number EA E-60NC
Color Black
Viscosity (Resin / Hardener)
(mPa.s / cP)
5,200 ~ 7,200 / 12,000 ~ 14,000
Fixture Time
60 min.
(Resin / Hardener)
Peel Strength 1 ~ 5
Tensile Shear, Strength
Steel / AI (psi)
2,630 / 3,100
Hardness, Shore D D85

LOCTITE E-60NC Technical Data Sheet

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