LOCTITE SF 7649 Surface Prep


LOCTITE SF 7649 is a solvent-based activator for surface preparation that provides for low temperature curing.

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LOCTITE SF 7649 is designed to promote the curing speed of LOCTITE anaerobic adhesives and sealants without any significant loss of joint strength. It is especially recommended for applications with passive metals or inert surfaces and with large bond gaps. LOCTITE SF 7649 offers good performance at low cure temperatures, and is recommended when the application temperature is below 15°C.

  • Increases cure speed on passive and inactive surfaces
  • For large bond gaps
  • For low-temperature curing (< 5°C)

Item number SF 7649
Color Green
mPa.s (cP)
Solvent Acetone
On Part Life 30 days
Drying Time 30-70 seconds
Application Cure acceleration of
LOCTITE anaerobic products

LOCTITE SF 7649 Technical Data Sheet

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4.5oz, 52ml, 1Gal

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