LOCTITE SF 7855 Hand Cleaner


Hand Cleaner – ideal for removing paint, resin and adhesives. Non-toxic.

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LOCTITE SF 7855 is a heavy-duty hand cleaner, specially formulated for the most difficult-to-remove soils, paint, resins, primers, adhesives, silicones, varnishes and enamels. This product is free from silicone and harsh solvents and contains the four skin conditioners, aloe vera, vitamin E, lanolin and jojoba oil. The product has a pleasant floral scent and contains fine pumice. It can be used without water, which allows hand cleaning directly at the work place.

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Removes paint, resin and adhesives
  • Conditioning components allow frequent use without affecting the skin.

Item number SF 7855
Application Cleaning Hands

LOCTITE SF 7855  Technical Data Sheet

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