• Suitable for all fluids
  • Sensitive vacuum suction function to ensure that the needle prevents dripping when dispensing
  • Can manual dispensing control, automatic dispensing timer and intermittently timer model separately
  • With program group save function
  • Accuracy of 0.01 second in time control
  • Can be directly connected to the FC series dispensing platform
  • Full voltage design, suitable for AC100V-AC240V

Model FB09D
Size (mm) W160 x L260 x H65 mm
Weight (kg) 1.7 Kg
Input Voltage 24VDC / 0.5MA
Switch Voltage 24 VDC
Air Input 0 to 7 KG/CM
Air Output 0 to 4 KG/CM
Dispense Timer Digital timing 0.01~99.99sec
Program 40 sets of settings
Vacuum Mini-adjustable
Control Single acting or continuous continuous

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