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FB100R-LY is rotated by a precision stepping motor, it will suck the adhesive to control the flow quantity by rolling the special Teflon tube.
There is no pressure loss and glue dispensing problems of traditional pneumatic dispensers, and the adhesive doesn’t need to be divided.
Dedicated to instant adhesive, solvents and medical agents…etc.
Widely used in medical, electronic, electrical and IT product assembly industries, any viscosity below 10000cps is applicable.

  • The wear-resistant rotor is used to effectively extend the service life of the Teflon tube.
  • It is easy to operate, the adhesive doesn’t need to be divided, doesn’t need air pressure; it can be used by plugging in the power supply.
  • It can be connected with desktop automatic dispensing equipment for automatic dispensing/application.
  • Full voltage design, one-year functional warranty.
  • Provide excellent dispensing of air-free materials, such as cyanoacrylate, solvent-based and oxygen-deficient adhesive materials…etc.

Model FB100R-LY
Size (mm) W164 x L170 x H217 mm
Weight (kg) 4Kg
Input Voltage 110VAC and 220VAC
Switch Voltage 24VDC / 1A
Speed 9ml / min (PTFE)
The flow speed will increase or decrease depending on the pipe diameter
Rotor way CW / CCW Forward/reverse switching
Shot time range 00 ~ MAX 500rpm
Interface D-Sub 9PIN,Signal can be output after operation
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy Within +/- 0.02% (reference value, accuracy performance different kinds of pipe diameter and material)

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