LOCTITE AA HF8075LV is a 2-part, blue, toughened, room temperature-cure methacrylate adhesive paste kit. It cures rapidly, forming tough, resilient bonds. Typical applications include structural bonding of plastic and metal components that must withstand vibrations and impacts such as displays, top casings, structural frames to enclosures and similar applications in the portable devices market.

  • Toughened
  • Designed to comply with the low halogen content requirements for structural bonding of electronic assemblies
  • Cure times can be reduced with the addition of mild heat to the bonded assemblies

Item number HF8075LV
Color Green
Mix Ratio, by volume
(Part A: Part B)
Shear Strength
13.8 / 2,001
Temp. Range (℃) 120℃
Hardness, Shore D D67

LOCTITE HF8075LV Technical Data Sheet

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