LOCTITE 4902 is a colorless, clear, highly flexible ethyl and octyl cyanoacrylate instant adhesive designed for the assembly of flexible medical devices. It offers significant performance enhancements compared to standard cyanoacrylates, including strength in flexing bond lines and resistance to leaks with excellent sealing capability.

  • One component – requires no mixing
  • Fluorescent
  • Photo-initiator
  • Facilitates the rapid curing of exposed surface areas thereby minimizing blooming and providing an alternative to solvent borne accelerators
  • Key substrates are plastics, rubbers and metals
  • Facilitates the use of dissimilar and opaque substrates whilst improving device performance
  • Designed for bonding applications that require very rapid fixturing, fillet cure or surface cure
  • Qualified to HENKEL’s ISO 10993 Protocol as suitable for use in the medical device industry

Item number 4902
Color Clear
mPa.s (cP)
Tensile Shear,
Strength (psi)
1,190 ~2,200
Temp. Range (℃) -54℃ ~ 104℃
Cure Speed
(Fixture / Full Cure)
20sec. / 24hr
Specific Gravity 1.03

LOCTITE 4902 Technical Data Sheet

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